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CFK-3500 Pharmaceutical Automatic Hard Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Machine weight
Machine Dimensions
Power Supply
380/220V 50Hz
Motor power
No.of segment bores
25 holes in two rows
Pumping rate 72m3 / h, -0.03 ~ -0.05Mpa
20Kpa 210m3/h
Making rate
99.8% empty capsules 99.8% full capsules
Suitable for Capsule
Filling error
Product Description
Description of performance characteristics: CFK-3500 full-automatic capsule filling machine adopts intermittent rotary operation, orifice disc type filling, precise and beautiful design, stable and reliable operation. It can automatically complete a variety of procedures such as sowing capsules, separating capsules, filling, rejecting capsules, locking capsules and exporting finished products. Fully enclosed 12-station turntable, the module is designed with double-row 25-hole dislocation arrangement, and is an intelligent device for the production of hard capsules in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
Detailed Images

Performance characteristics:

1. Fully enclosed 12-station turntable, easy to clean, stable operation and high precision.

2. With high-precision and high-configuration transmission mechanism, all adopt the internal slot cam control, which improves the stability and service life of the machine.
3. Newly designed powder feeding device, compact structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy to clean.
4. The lock bag cleaning device can remove the fine dust raised during the lock while the capsule is locked.
5. The mold cleaning and blowing structure solves the problem that the plane of the mold and the cavity of the mold have strong viscous powder deposition during production, which makes the capsule difficult to pull out, and improves the probability of the capsule on.
6. The split design of the bladder mechanism and the fully enclosed structure of the bladder transmission prevent the capsule from falling into the bladder transmission room abnormally and ensure the normal operation of the bladder without obstacles.
7. Secondary capsule ejection device, the capsule is discharged twice before and after, effectively avoiding the mechanical injury of the finished capsule when the capsule is ejected.
8. The main electronic control components adopt imported brands, and the advanced control principle ensures the precise realization of various program control and safety protection functions.
9. The man-machine interface is beautiful and dustproof, easy to operate, and has complete functions.
10. All cams are controlled by automatic fueling system.