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Capsule Filling Machine

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GZPT 1060 series Automatic Triple Rotary High Speed Tablet Press Machine

Applicant & Summary:

● Feeding powder in three hoppers. Tablets compressed at three sides. Tablets ejected through three sides chute. Rapid speed with large quantity punches.

● Cancel hydraulic system. Compression rollers adopt mechanical support .To avoid secondary pollution; Due to the upper and lower Compression rollers adopt independent modules, the rollers adjustment separately, punches can not be clasped .The position of lower compression rollers is controlled by motor and fast adjustment.

● Electric control system is entirely separate from main machine. The operation area is separate from production area. This design can extend the service life of electric control system. Also greatly enhance the sanitation and safety factors.

● The parts in contact with powder such as feeding system、turret、and tablets ejection parts use stainless steel or nontoxic polymer materials. Meets GMP standard.

● No hand-wheel control. The filling system use servo motor control which has fast reaction speed. The main pressure and pre-pressure use synchronous motor control .The location of main pressure and pre-pressure measured through the encoder. Accurate data and reduce manual errors.

● Can adjust filling volume to control tablet weight .If over-filling or less-filling or the punch force over-limit, the machine will give alarm. At the same time can monitor the force of a single punch as well as monitor the force curve of punch. Pressure histogram can be displayed on touch screen. The over-weight and less-weight tablets can be rejected.

● GZPT-1060 series Automatic Triple rotary High Speed Tablet Press Machine is a kind of large-scale tablet press machine which developed by our experience according to User’s requirement in the world. GZPT-1060 series is best used for mass production of single product .Also used for two-layers tablets and three-layers tablets as well as sandwich tablets.

● The filling system use servo motor control which has fast reaction speed. Adjustment precision can reach 0.01mm. Filling volume displayed in the touch screen directly. No need to use their experience to repeated measurement

● Tri-wheeled double deck feeding system

● The upper impeller can increase the powder flow and balance powder density;

● The lower 2 impellers are used for feeding and dosing .To ensure the uniformity of feeding;

● Use Servo motor to adjust dosing cam track, Which can control the filling depth. To ensure an accurate dosing.

● Separate control cabinet to operate the machine; separated production area from operating area; ensures the safety for operator and sanitation for production;

● Adopts 10 inches touch screen to fulfill the automatic controlling, without hand-wheels;

● Adopts B&R PCC control system with quick and accurate response;

● All information about manufacturing can be displayed, stored, extracted and reset;

● Different degree of user’s password can be set.

● Main pressure system、pre-pressure system、filling system、feeding system adopt modular design. Simple structure .These modular parts can be freely adjusted or removed. Noninterference between each. Maintenance easy. The main pressure and pre-pressure are the same structure which can be interchanged each other .Both main pressure and pre-pressure are all 100KN which make it easier for forming tablets.