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CZG50/8A Automatic Tablet Pill Capsule Counter Counting Machine

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Max Output
5000 tablets/min(¢8mm coated tablets)
Container diameter
Ф40~Ф100 mm
Container height
Hopper Volume
Drugs dimension
Conveyor length
Air pressure
Power supply
 AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Other voltage on request
Dimension(single machine)
Weight(single machine)
400 Kg
Product Description




1.Redesign the size of vertical channel to 48*2MM,available to all seze of drugs and health care products.Enhance the control program,also shorten time costs by increasing the absolute speed of single funnel to 50-65 bottles/min.

2.High speed.One of them has 16 channel which can count 40-110 bottles per min,for the one which has 32 channels that can reach 80-160 bottles per min.
3.The machine would auto-alarm workers when the bottles supplying is not enough or the bottles blocked or the bottles falled down.The machine would pause there.When the problems are solved,the machine can return back to normal.It doesn't need certain people to monitor it.
4.3-stages constant pressure dust collection design,the dust is removed when granules dropping,which avoid dust affecting the counting precision.
5.The gates use component flashboard structure to minimum motion inertia.Decrease cylinder load and the noise,Protect the cylinder from dusts to extend the service life without leakage.
6.USE IR dynamic scan technology.Sensors can adjust light automatically to guarantee precise counting.Automatic alarm and machine stop.
7.Set the quantity of drugs(8-9999)on touch screen.Monitor channel's drug dropping situation.
8.Equipped with 10-inch touch screen,provide more information and clear pricture.Make it more approachable by getting rid of complex parameters.
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