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DPP-260K High Speed Automatic Plastic AL/AL Medicine Tablet Pill Blister Packing Machine

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Product Details

Product Description
DPP-260K High Speed Automatic Plastic AL/AL Medicine Tablet Pill Blister Packing Machine


DPP-260K Automatic AL-Plastic (AL/AL) Blister Packing Machine is our advanced equipment designed under updated improvement .It adopts the integral technology applying frequency inverter for speed control and mechanism, electricity, light and air to machine. Its design is in strict compliance with GMP standard and takes lead in the blister packer's field. Featuring advanced functions, easy to operated, high output, the machine is the most ideal packing equipment for large and medium size pharmaceutical enterprises, health food and food stuff trades.
Technical Parameter
Punching Frequency
Max Forming Depth
AL/Plastic 25mm AL/AL 18mm (Made to order)
Adjustable Scope of Travel
30-120mm(Made to order 30-140mm)
Clean Compressed Air
Air consumption 
(Air Compressor)
0.25-0.5m³/min (Self Prepared)
380V 50HZ 10Kw
4775x760x1620cm (Can be separate package)


1.Adopts top brand PLC controller with touch screen displayed in Chinese and English, Frequency inverter for speed control, servotraction, which can ensure the length of blister traction adjustable within the range.
2.With thermal temperature control and test, main machine over loading protect, PVC and PTP packing material position test, feeder material position test ,failure automatic debug and alarm, automatic protection and stop running.
3.The machine station module type design of level frame, good sight, safe and convenient operation.
4.Thermal with contact type, positive press formed, air cushion thermal seal upper and lower net, photo register make your product package better.
5.The special design of moulds in rectangle shape, ladder type fixing, provide much convenience and easy to moulds replacement.All material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel and aluminum metal, slap-up surface treatment craft.
6.The machine has been designed into separated body, which is easily move into lifts or workshops.
Machine Images
Front view
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