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ZJS-A Automatic Capsule Counting Machine

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Mould changing time
Working capacity
Counting Accuracy
Max. Bottle diameter
Power supply
220V, 50Hz, 1.2kw
Compressed air
0.03m3/min 0.7Mpa
Overall dimension
1.3×0.6×1.4 m
Oversize of package(L*W*H)
1.4×0.68×1.1 m
Machine weight
Product Description


The device for intelligent high precision automatic capsule counting machine, new patented capsule grain number device can automatically any (even, odd, prime number accurate number grain filling bottle. The novel structure has the advantages of small volume, stable operation low noise, is the small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, health care products factory, hospital preparation room, the ideal automatic counting in bottle equipment.


1: Vertical track compensation type count (patented technology), the number of grain accuracy can be almost 100%, to avoid the traditional vibration or rotary type of the error of the number of large error.

2: Vertical track compensation technology (patent) count in the same types of capsule can achieve rapid setting any number of bottling capsule number, no need to replace the mold is very fast and convenient.

3: The host uses frequency conversion speed control can realize the soft start speed
adjustment is sensitive and reliable and can bear the big starting torque.

4: The bottle conveying belt type, for the customer after the connection of the connection can be fast connection Auxiliary equipment (machine, capping machine, etc.).

5: Control the use of touch screen man-machine interface PLC programmable controller technology can quickly set various parameters.

6: Light control technology automatic detection of bottle or bottle turning waste to reduce to the lowest point of the capsule automatic alarm.

7: The mold all use the cylinder pin position design to make the replacement mould only need 5 minutes to install in place convenient and quick.

8: Drug contact parts all adopt 304 stainless steel, accord with GMP standard.
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