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Automatic Horizontal Perfume Cosmetics Carton Box Packing Machine

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Model No.
Production speed
30-120 carton / min (depend on the size )
Requirement of Carton
250 carton /【 depend on the size】
 Size of carton(L×W×H)
Requiement of Leaflet
60-70 g/m2
Size of Leaflet(L×W×H)(unfolded)
Folding range of Leaflet(L×W)
1~4 folds
Pressure of compressed air
Air consumption
Power supply
380V 50HZ
Main motor power
Machine dimension(L×W×H)
Machine weight
Aprox 1200KG
Machine Images
DZH-120 automatic cartoning machine can be applied to various products including bottles of perfume, cosmetics, eye drops, etc. together with extra functions such as cartoning, leaflet folding, code printing, carton closing and sealing, etc. PLC control
system is applied for which the machine is able to shut down automatic upon errors. The machine can be used individually as well as be connected to other types of machine.
Main Features:
1. Easy operation
PLC Control, touching Screen, self-serving configuration, applicable for various products.
2:Safety Devices
The device has an alarm function, if the operation is wrong, it will automatically stop running, according to the set control value; the device exceeds or falls below the set value, the device automatically alarms.

3:Stable and Reliable
The main execution components are accompanied by various photoelectric switches, which are centrally controlled by the programmable logic controller PLC to achieve coordinated operation of the whole machine. Once the errors occur, the photoelectric sensor device sends a signal for the machine to shut down.
Detail Introduction


Carton Depot. Capable for 400 units approx.


Pull-down type vacuum box suction device mechanism


Transmission mechanism for production feeding


Carton delivery chain


Cartoning folding


Leaflet Automatic Folding and Delivery Part


Tablet Counting and Feeding Part


Automatic Feeding Part for bottles


System for material feeding for bottles and tablets


Glue spraying Machine Switzerland
Sample Images