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Automatic Carton Box Packing Making Machine

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Model No.
Production speed
20-50 Cartons/min
Carton size range
 Carton gram requirements
Motor power
Power supply
Three phase 380V 50Hz
Machine noise
Air pressure
Air consumption
0.5-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption
1590×1380×1832 mm
Machine weight
Machine Images
Carton semi automatic packaging and sealing in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry and auto parts industry.
Main Features:

1.This equipment is specially designed for small output and multi-size carton packaging.

2.Small footprint, economical and practical and suitable for a variety of boxes.

3.Save labor cost, 40 boxes per person per minute, greatly improving production efficiency.

4.The whole equipment is made of stainless steel 304.

5.The equipment adopts advanced PLC control with touch screen operation function, and the production speed can be adjusted at will without adjusting any other parameters.

6.Advanced electrical control system: the imported encoder is used to control the electrical centralized, which is convenient to use and simple to operate.

7.The first carton feeding system in China, which realizes the function of adding new carton without stopping the machine.

8.This equipment can be connected with the front-end liquid filling machine, aluminum-plastic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine and other packaging machines, and realize fully automatic work. The back end can be connected to the labeling machine, strapping machine, heat shrinking machine and three-dimensional packaging machine.

9.Available optional functions: print production date, automatically add instructions, hot melt adhesive sealing device, automatic feeding device, etc.

Detail Introduction


Carton guardrail


Imported encoder


Solenoid valve centralized installation


Automatic whole box discharging system


Main turntable


Electric control cabinet
Automatic box feeding system without stopping
Sample Images