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NF-30A Semi-automatic Plastic/Laminated Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Power Supply
 about 320kg
Filling Range
plastic/laminated tube 5~250(ml)
Suitable Tube Length
plastic/laminated tube 50~210(mm)
Suitable Tube Diameter
plastic/laminated tube 13~50(mm)
Working Pressure
Control type
Button(If want to use touch screen,it need add money)
Product Description


This machine applies the transmission principle. It uses the slot wheel dividing system to drive the conveyor table to do intermittent movement. The machine has 8 or 10 tube stations. Expect manually feeding the tubes onto the machine, it can automatically position the tubes, fill the material into the tubes, heat both inside and outside of the tubes, seal the tubes, press the codes, and trim the tails and the finished tubes exit.


1.Filling measurement is accurate by the pistol plunger. Heating time is stable and adjustable. Sealed tail looks pretty and neat and the trimming is very even. This machine has stable performance and has no any noise and pollution during production.
2.The part which is contact with the filling material is made of high-quality stainless steels 304 or SS316L. The parts which need to clean are made of quick-change device that is removable and convenient for washing.
3.If some materials need heating insulation, the heating thermostat device can be added outside of the feeding barrel.
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