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KWZG-6 Box type microwave vacuum dryer for fruit and vegetable

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Product Details

Technical parameter
 Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine
Microwave frequency(MHz)
Total power(kVA)
Microwave output power(kW)
Dehydrate capacity(kg/h)
Charging tray rotating speed(rpm)
Microwave leakage(mW)
Cooling water flow(L/min)
Pipe size
Cooling water inlet
Cooling water outlet
Vacuum pipe
External Condition
Power source
3 Φ 415±10% Volt A.C, 50 Hz
Three-phase five-wire
Circulating water pump
environment temperature
It is mainly applicable to low temperature fast drying for Chinese medical concretes, Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese/western medicines and health care products as well as heat sensitive materials in such fields as food, biological engineering, chemistry and material.
Main Features:
1. Stepless adjustable microwave power ensures evenness of drying effect and achieves the aim of saving energy during operation.
2. Many kinds of control modes are available for choice.
3. Designed for continuous operation, with strong and stable power.
4. Vacuum system adopts water-ring vacuum pump and imported machinery sealing. Stepless vacuum degree adjusting mechanism can adjust the vacuum degree according to different materials to realize vacuum low temperature drying.
5. Infrared temperature measurement and control system can accurately measure the temperature of materials in trays in good time, ensure accuracy of temperature control, and facilitate improvement of product quality.
6. Material feeding/discharge positioning device ensures material trays always stop at material discharge port to facilitate operation, cleaning and reduce labor intensity.
7. Rectangle microwave guiding assembly unit is developed to have small wave-guide stationary wave, which can better match with magnetron to ensure its high output efficiency.
8. With human-computer interface operation system, the equipment can be started by inputting basic technological parameters. Microwave power and drying time can be calculated automatically. Automatic operation ensures that materials can be discharged when operation time is over.
9. Electronic monitoring system and vacuum sight glass system are installed to monitor and view the characteristics and drying degree of materials in real time, and facilitate control and operation.
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