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Non-pvc Soft Bag Iv Infusion Filling Production Line

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Product Details

Technical Parameter
 AC220V 50 ~ 60Hz
Input power
 0.8kw (including vibrating plate)
Pressure cylinder
 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa 
Filling range
  50 ~ 3000ml (adjustable)
Filling accuracy
  ≤ 1.0 ± %
Flow sensor coefficient
 2100 ~ 3600
The use of the environment temperature
 ~ 10 ° C ~ 65 ° C
Machine weight
 950kg (including the vibration plate)
Machine volume
  (L) 1800 × (W) 1650 × (H) 1850mm(including vibrating plate, vibrating screen, conveyor, buffer tank)
Product Description
The machine is compact and has high output. Safe infusion filling and packaging to avoid secondary pollution and air inflow. The soft bag filling machine produced by our company: ① facilitates transportation and infusion; ② collision-free and saves space Manual bag loading, automatic filling and automatic gluing plug to close the soft bag, PLC touch screen control, no need to change the filling section. Applicable range: 20-9999mL.pvc or soft bag made of non-pvc or other materials.


  •                                 Upper bag 

  •         (Clampin cylinder diagram)

                    Automatic feeding system 
                         Soft bag sealing



All parts in contact with the liquid are made of SUS316L, and other surfaces are made of SUS304. (1) Suitable for various soft bag packaging. (2) The filling range is 20-9999mL, the time and pressure control of the filling system is convenient, the filling pressure is 0.2mpa-0.3mpa, and the filling accuracy is ± 0.1%. (3) Automatic continuous operation mode: touch screen setting to adjust the filling volume, automatic filling. (4) Manual intermittent operation mode: suitable for adjusting the machine. (5) Siemens PLC and touch screen control system are easy to operate. (6) The equipment adopts the well-known brand Siemens SMC, which has stable performance and convenient maintenance, compact structure, saving space and energy.
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