Product Details

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YGY Eyedrop filling machine

Focus on professional manufacturer and supplier for pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packing material company, who is standing firmly with a good reputation in the industry of China pharmaceutical machinery.

Product Details

1. Application:

   This machine is able to finish procedures automatically as convering , filling, corking, capping, with sending caps structure of scillation bucket, corking and capping with airpress.

    High definition ascend and descend the bib cock, light electricity transducer to check bottle, cap, liquid ,and having PLC. Those apparatus can assure quality of products.


2. Main Specifications

Dispensing volume:                                      2-50ml(replace a specification piece)       
Filling speed:                                                1200-5400 bottles/h
Power supply:                                               AC220V 50Hz 2.2KW
Air source:                                                    0.5Mpa 1.5m³/h
Overall dimensions :                                    1900×1500×1900mm
Weight:                                                        790Kg


3. Samples

YGY Eyedrop filling machine