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Pharmaceutical Injection Glass Vial Filling Capping Machine

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Product Details

Technical Parameter
Production capacity
380V, 50Hz
Power consumption
Compressed air pressure
Compressed air consumption
About 35-40m3/h
WFI supply pressure
WFI supply temperature
WFI consumption
About 0.4—0.6m3/h
Circulation water supply pressure
Ultrasonic power
600-1000W adjustable
Machine weight
About 2200KG
Transfer table height
Product Description
The linkage line consists of vertical ultrasonic washing machine, hot air circulation sterilization tunnel. It made of filling and stoppering machine.The model can be used in combination or in a single machine. The linkage line can complete water spray filling, ultrasonic cleaning and flushing (internal and external), CA flushing (internal and external), preheating, drying and sterilizing to remove heat source, cooling, filling, sealing, capping and other processes.This line can meet the size range from 2-30ml vials of washing, drying and sterilizing to remove heat source, filling and sealing requirements of the production process.
Machine Images


1. Vertical ultrasonic washing machine using ultrasonic rough washing, circulating water, WFI and clean compressed air spray and clean the container alternately. Cleaning clarity and visible material detection effect is ideal.

2. The sterlilzation tunnel adopts the principle of hot air laminar flow and high temperature sterilization process to preheat, dry, sterilize, remove heat and sterilization process.

3.The filling and stoppering machine adopts V shape block to transfer and reciprocating tracking filling which can ensure stable vials transfer, full time of filling and accurate filling volume, using progressive stoppering way to ensure high qualification rate.

4.The interlocking production line adopts PLC control and touch screen operation, which can be used for linkage control or stand-alone operation. The control runs stably and with high automation.
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