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Semi-automatic Inspection Machine for 3~20ml Vials

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Product Details

Technical parameter
Detection speed
 120 B/H
Lamp illumination
 ≤5000 Lux (LX)
 0.55 KW
 1560mm X 1450mm X 1680 mm
Machine Image


1.Dindal effect optical system combined with white LED light is conducive to protecting the visual acuity of inspectors, suitable for long-term light inspection.
2.The conveyor chain conveys the bottle to the chain roller, the inspection station makes the bottle rotate, the manual visual inspection and the manual button automatic rejection, the bottle vertical posture rotates the reclining posture, which is advantageous for the inspector to work in the suitable sitting posture.
3.The speed of conveying chain, rotating bottle and feeding bottle can be adjusted steplessly, and the running speed (frequency) can be displayed on the touch screen.
4.The height, angle, level and illumination intensity of the light source can be adjusted.
5.The inspection machine and the conveying track are separated in a convenient way to facilitate inspectors' access.
6.Open-type lamp inspection is adopted in the lamp inspection machine. The serial number of each lamp inspection part is marked, and the unqualified products can be automatically eliminated by manual keystrokes.
7.The way of light inspection is that the bottle is illuminated by a white light source and observed with a magnifying glass. The eyesight observation display magnifier is used to determine whether it is a waste product or a qualified product.
8.Elimination methods : automatic removal of manual keys by human eye judgment.
9.Production information such as the total number of bottles produced in the production process, the speed of instantaneous lamp inspection and the number of rejected non-conforming products can be accurately and clearly displayed on the display screen to facilitate production supervision and management.
10. Electrical components with world-renowned brands to ensure the durable stability and reliability of the machine.
11.The whole structural parts of the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and non-metallic materials, which is beautiful and generous.