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Size 00 HPMC Vegetarian Acid-resisting Empty Capsule

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Product Details

Our HPMC Empty Vegetable Capsule is 100% vegetarian made up of HPMC (hypromellose) and purified water. We manufacture vegetable empty capsules ranging in size from #00 (the largest) to #4 (the smallest) with customized coloring & printing. Our Capsules are preservative-free; irritant-free; non-GMO; free of sodium laurel sulfate, ethylene oxide or sulfides.Our Capsules run smoothly on all types of encapsulation machines and the filling rate is more than 99%.If stored in air temperature (15oC-25oC) & relative humidity (35%-65%),shelf Life of 24 plus months is achievable.
HPMC/Vegetable/Hard/Gelatin/Halal/Size00/Clean Capsule


HPMC/Vegetable/Hard/Gelatin/Halal/Size00/Clean Capsule


Specification size
wall thickness,cap
wall thickness,body
Limited weight(mg)
00 11.9±0.4mm 20.4±0.4mm 0.115±0.015mm 0.110±0.015mm 125±6mg Averageweight ±12
0 11.0±0.4mm 18.5±0.4mm 0.110±0.015mm 0.105±0.015mm 98±5mg Averageweight ±9
1 9.9±0.4mm 16.5±0.4mm 0.105±0.015mm 0.100±0.015mm 75±4mg Averageweight ±7
2 8.9±0.4mm 15.3±0.4mm 0.100±0.015mm 0.095±0.015mm 60±4mg Averageweight ±6
3 8.1±0.4mm 13.6±0.4mm 0.095±0.015mm 0.095±0.015mm 52±4mg Averageweight ±5
4 7.1±0.4mm 12.1±0.4mm 0.095±0.015mm 0.095±0.015mm 40±4mg Averageweight ±4



HPMC/Vegetable/Hard/Gelatin/Halal/Size00/Clean Capsule


HPMC/Vegetable/Hard/Gelatin/Halal/Size00/Clean Capsule

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HPMC/Vegetable/Hard/Gelatin/Halal/Size00/Clean Capsule

HPMC/Vegetable/Hard/Gelatin/Halal/Size00/Clean Capsule
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